Applicability – these terms and conditions apply to all events unless expressly agreed otherwise by us in writing (including email).


Bookings - bookings are only confirmed once we have received the customer’s deposit in cleared funds.


Event formats – event format and/or duration may be varied at our discretion at any time before or during an event to suit the venue facilities, time available, participant abilities and behaviour.


Child supervision – a minimum of one adult must be present at all times to supervise and take responsibility for the welfare, discipline and behaviour of all child participants. An event will not run unless and until this condition is met.


Third party damages - we shall bear no liability for loss or damage to the venue, any third party or their property caused by circumstances outside our control, including damage caused by participants’ actions.


Venue provision and suitability - it is the customer’s responsibility to provide an indoor venue that is suitable for the event, including:

  • Floor space – the venue must have sufficient open floor space for the event.
  • Parking and access – parking must be available at the venue, at least for unloading and loading purposes. Any parking charges are to be paid by the customer prior to the event. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the event is to be run on a ground floor.
  • Safety and cleanliness – the venue must be sufficiently safe, clean and fit for the purpose of the event. Any time spent by us preparing the venue for suitability (e.g. tidying, cleaning) will be deducted from the scheduled event running time.  



  • Equipment usage – only our equipment is to be used to run the event in conjunction with that available at the venue (tables, chairs etc.).
  • Equipment return – the customer is responsible for returning all of our equipment to us at the end of the event. The cost to replace any missing items will be charged to the customer in full.
  • Equipment damages – we cover the cost of all wear and tear and accidental damage to the equipment sustained through reasonable use. The cost of any other damage to our equipment that is caused by expressly forbidden or reckless behaviour will be charged to the customer in full.


Cancellation by the customer - The event may be cancelled by the customer up to 6 weeks before the scheduled date without charge. If the event is cancelled within 6 weeks of the event date then the deposit is not refundable.


Cancellation by us - we reserve the right to cancel the event at any time due to circumstances outside of our control including illness, severe weather conditions, traffic or accidents in which case a full refund would be provided.


Failure to attend - If the customer fails to attend the event then the full event price is still payable.


Delayed start – All events are of a fixed duration at an agreed start time. If the actual start time is delayed due to circumstances outside our control (e.g. late arrivals) then its duration will be curtailed to end at the agreed finish time. All participants must receive a safety briefing from our team prior to their participation so if an event has already started then any late arrivals will cause an unavoidable disruption to the event programme.