Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines!


Entertainment for all occasions - ideal for birthday parties, school activities, corporate events and many more!


No need to leave anybody out - young and old can go head to head with this one!


Fun to watch - these action filled events create a spectacle and always manage to draw a crowd!

What is it?


» Drivers experience the thrill of racing 1/18th scale radio controlled monster trucks around a track that we bring to your indoor venue.

» If you want to see how these trucks go, check out the video below!

 What venues are suitable?

» While more space is better, any indoor venue with at least 12m x 8m of open floor space can be used.


» This space is available at all sports halls and large community halls. Find one near you with our Event Venue Finder database.


» Sports halls make the best venues as they can accomodate our largest track layout which requires 23m x 13m, roughly the size of a tennis court!

What happens at these events?


» Events are tailored to suit the occasion, venue, numbers and abilities and vary from casual “have a go” formats to timed racing competitions. At all events, 4 or 5 trucks are driven at a time.


» For children’s parties, teams of 2 or 3 drivers per truck work best. Four trucks is therefore good for 8 to 12 drivers and five trucks for 10 to 15 drivers. We start with driving instruction and practice sessions to develop skills for a racing competition finale!

» See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or Contact us.

 For what ages and abilities are these events suitable?

» A major attraction of this event is that all adults and children aged 8+ years are capable of driving our easy to control trucks.


» It is also ideal for those with physical disabilities provided they have sound eye-hand coordination.


» No prior experience is required as all drivers receive full instruction.

 How much time is required?

» Our standard party events run for 1.5 hours, excluding 45 minutes before and after to set-up and clear away.


» Venues can therfore be hired for 3 hours. We arrive 45 minutes before guests to set-up, run the event for 1.5 hours and pack away in the last 45 minutes while children are eating.

 How much do these events cost?

» For 1.5 hour events with 4 trucks running at a time the price is £250, for 5 trucks the price is £280.


» Event running times may be extended by 45 minutes at a cost of £75 or £90 for 4 and 5 truck events respectively.


» Prices include travel within 30 miles of our base in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Travel to more distant venues is charged at £1.00 per mile (plus any toll bridge charges). E.g. the extra cost for a venue in Newbury, Berkshire, 42 miles away, would be £24. You can use Google Maps Directions to quickly determine your proposed venue's distance from us.


» We provide all the equipment to run the event and a team of at least 2 staff. You need to provide the venue and any refreshments. For children’s parties and school activities, you also need to provide at least one adult to supervise the children at all times.

How can I check your availability for a booking?

» Contact Deborah on 07412 797900 or