Why choose us for your next Nerf party?

» Experienced - Over 5 years Nerf party experience and a proven history of delivering total customer satisfaction. 


» Responsible - Your party hosts will be BTP's owners, Debbie and Mike, a husband and wife team who are responsible parents and experienced child wranglers! Unlike many other party providers, we do not use inexperienced subcontract staff and will only run Nerf events with two people. Beware of any party provider that sends only one person to run a Nerf event as, in our opinion, this provides inadequate supervision for the activity. 


 » Reliable - You can rely on us to deliver exactly what we promise. We know how important parties are to children and have never cancelled a booked party on a customer. 


» Safe - Not only are we fully insured but all our activities have been thoroughly assessed for risk and are closely supervised at all times. We only use special soft tipped darts and specially modified EN166 rated junior safety glasses for eye protection.

What happens at our Nerf parties?

» We set up a battlezone featuring camouflaged team bases, a medic base, flags, barricades and netting at your chosen venue.


» Players are equipped with safety glasses, team vests and given a full briefing on safety and gun usage. Following a practice session, various games are played such as Protect the President, Fortnite Battle RoyaleLast Man Standing and Nerf War, all set to a thumping musical beat and a running game commentary!  


» At the end of the party all players are presented with personalised Nerf Mission Certicates to take home.


» To maximise enjoyment, we only use special soft tipped darts at our parties, not standard Nerf darts which are much harder tipped and therefore more painful.

» For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact us.

How much time is required?

» You choose either a 60 or 90 minute session. Following a 10 minute safety and gun usage briefing, the Nerf playing times for these parties run for 50 and 80 minutes respectively. 


» We arrive 30 minutes before the activity starts to set-up the battlezone. We also require 30 minutes afterwards to clear away which is usually done while children are eating. Venues therefore need to be hired for at least 2 or 2.5 hours depending on your choice of running time for the Nerf activity.

What's the price?

» Party prices depend on Nerf party package, activity running time and group size per the table below.

» We offer a variety of Nerf party packages to cater for different budgets and appetites for battery powered, automatic Nerf blasters -  the exciting machine guns of Nerf warfare! 

» Our Basic Nerf Party package starts at £160 and simply includes a large selection of hand blasters.


» Our Standard Nerf Party package starts at £180 and includes a large selection of hand blasters plus six automatic 10 shot Speedswarm blasters.


» Our Premium Nerf Party package starts at £200 and includes a large selection of hand blasters, six automatic 10 shot Speedswarm blasters plus six automatic 20 shot Swarmfire blasters. This is our most popular Nerf party package.


» Our Ultimate Nerf Party package starts at £220 and includes a large selection of hand blasters, six automatic 10 shot Speedswarm blasters, six automatic 20 shot Swarmfire blasters plus six Roughcut 8-shot pump action shotguns - a firm favourite amongst older children and adults! 


» We ensure that any special automatic guns are shared fairly between the players throughout the activity. 

 What's included?

» We provide all the equipment required to run the activity. You need to provide the venue, any refreshments and ensure that one adult is on-site at all times.

» Prices include travel within 30 miles of our base in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Travel to more distant venues is charged at £1.00 per mile e.g. the travel cost for a venue in Newbury, Berkshire 42 miles away, would be £24. You can use Google Maps Directions to quickly determine your proposed venue's distance from us.

 What venues are suitable?

» Indoor venues with at least 9m x 6m of clear floor space can be used for parties of up to 12 players. More players need more space. Allowing at least 5m2 of space per player should ensure there's enough for your party.


» Most village and community halls are ideal. Find one near you with our Event Venue Finder database.


» Sports halls are not ideal due to their poor acoustics.

 What Nerf guns do you use?

» We bring a selection of over 50 handguns to all our parties but also offer upgraded party packages with extra special guns.

» Our Nerf arsenal includes the fully automatic battery powered Speedswarm and Swarmfire that fire 10 and 20 darts respectively without reloading! The Swarmfire fires an incredible two darts per second - check it out in the video below!

 How can I check your availability for a booking?

» Contact Deborah on 07412 797900 or