All events:

Q. How far will you travel to a venue?


A. That depends on the size and price of the event and the estimated travel time. For standard parties, our limit is approximately 1.5 hours' travel time but we would travel much further for all day shows, fetes, exhibitions and corporate events.

Q. Can I use an outdoor venue?


A. No. All our events are weather dependent and are therefore only run inside at indoor venues.

Q. What if I can't find a suitable venue?


A. Keep looking! There are probably many more suitable venues in your area than you realise. Village halls, church halls, community centres, leisure centres, sports centres, hotels and schools often have suitable areas that can be hired for your event.


Our Event Venue Finder database can help. But if you're still stuck for a venue, give us a call and we'll see if we can find one for you.

Q. How do I make a booking?


A. First, contact us to discuss your requirements, check our availability and confirm the proposed venue. Some dates get booked many months in advance so book early if a particular date is important to you.


If all is OK, we'll confirm the event details and price via email.


If you wish to proceed, confirm your acceptance by email and pay a £50 deposit. Until a deposit is received the booking is only provisional so if you wish to secure a date quickly then we recommend immediate payment via bank transfer.


The balance of the event price must be received at least 7 days prior to the event.

Q. What if I want to reschedule or cancel a booking?


A. Contact us as soon as possible.


Provided this is at least 6 weeks before the scheduled date of the event we can either issue a full refund or reschedule the event without charge.


If you seek to change or cancel a booking less than 6 weeks before the scheduled date of the event then no refunds can be issued.

Q. Do you have insurance?


A. Yes. We have public liability insurance of £2m. Full details of this policy are available on request.

Q. Why does an adult always need to be present to supervise at children's parties?


A. We only provide entertainment and do not to take responsibility for children and their behaviour.

Nerf Gun Wars FAQs:

Q. Does it hurt when you get hit?


A. In general, no. The darts can however sting momentarily if they hit bare skin at close range. In our experience, once players have been hit a few times they stop worrying about it and find that the risk of being "stung" actually adds to the excitement!

Q. Can players use their own Nerf guns?


A. Unfortunately not. For a variety of reasons, the only Nerf guns to be used at our events are those provided by us.

RC Monster Truck Racing FAQs:

Q. How fast do the trucks go?


A. The trucks are capable of over 20MPH but for inexperienced drivers we limit this to about 12MPH to make them easier to control. Being 1/18th scale, this still equates to a scale speed of over 200MPH and provides plenty of power for slides, jumps and donuts!

 Q. How much driving time do people get?


A. That depends on the ratio of trucks to drivers.


A 1.5 hour party provides 75 minutes of total driving time so, with 2 drivers per truck, each driver gets about 38 minutes behind the wheel. This is usually in a 4 minutes on, 4 minutes off format as drivers rotate the use of their team's truck. With 3 drivers per truck, each driver gets 25 minutes driving time.


Driving a high speed RC car is a very intensive experience and we find 3 drivers per truck provides enough driving time to keep guests engaged.

Q. Why do you not run more than 5 trucks at a time?


A. Simply to avoid the track becoming overcongested which can reduce enjoyment for all and allowing us time to support each of the drivers.


If a very large track layout is possible then the number of trucks might be able to be increased. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Q. Can the trucks hurt people or cause damage to the venue in a collision?


A. No. The track has a plastic boundary that prevents the trucks from colliding with people or other objects. And while our trucks are super tough, they are very lightweight. Their soft rubber tyres and plastic parts are incapable of harming people or damaging any flooring surface designed for foot traffic. Our only rule is that all drivers must wear enclosed footwear to protect their toes when marshalling.